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From the beginning Viña Balbaina has developed as a continuous transformation; adapting to new technologies, industrial and commercial changes, as well as new systems of social communication.

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A cultural and tourist aspect

In this context we find wine tourism, the most cultural and touristic aspect, where we incorporate historical, health, environment and culture in general concepts, based on our precious wines, unique wines such as those of the D.O. Sherry, extended with those of Tierras de Cádiz.

Furthermore, our company is linked to business and public administration associations and groups, which also protect this precious symbol of Baja Andalucía with their actions; such as the Regulatory Council, the Ateneo del Vino, the Wine Routes, or companies in the tourism sector, which carry out a large number of activities in our facilities.


With this segment of work, we expect to continue maintaining an ethnographic and anthropological spirit on the extraordinary importance of our wine activity for Cadiz society in particular and Spanish society in general.

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