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Today, we maintain the tradition and the essence of the company in its origins.

Viña La Torre

From 1711

We have magnificent facilities, between El Puerto de Santa María and Jerez de la Frontera. 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the beach. The tranquillity and silence, surrounded by vineyards, and fauna, make us chosen for multiple events, meetings, presentations or advertisements, wine tastings or wine associations.

In each and every one of them, our friends and clients choose our wines, from fines or amontillados, to young whites, or to finish off Pedro Ximénez, or our fantastic muscatel.

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An Incomparable Setting

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In a beautiful setting typical of la Campiña de Jerez, surrounded by excellent vineyards and albariza soil, are our facilities to enjoy any event and celebration that is worthy, as well as the commemorations of the annual calendar.

Easy parking and access for private vehicles and buses for organised groups. We have tables, chairs, a bar and catering equipment for the celebration, as well as agreements with catering companies, so that everything goes to plan. An appropriate decoration with antique elements and tools, and a very special atmosphere that can be felt in Viña Balbaina.

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An Unforgettable Oenological Getaway

From 1893

From the beginning Viña Balbaina has developed as a continuous transformation; adapting to new technologies, industrial and commercial changes, as well as new systems of social communication.

In this context we find wine tourism, the most cultural and touristic aspect, where we incorporate historical, health, environment and culture in general concepts, based on our precious wines, unique wines such as those of the D.O. Sherry, extended with those of Tierras de Cádiz.

Furthermore, our company is linked to business and public administration associations and groups, which also protect this precious symbol of Baja Andalucía

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